Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seven Easy and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas for the Workplace

So you've decided to throw a pregnant friend at your work a baby shower, great!  Here are a few game ideas that should be pretty easy to prep for and don't require too much clean-up.

1.  Guess The Due Date: Get yourself a calendar and have your shower guests each place a guess as to when the baby will show up.  Have them include both the day and time they expect the little one to show up. For extra fun, you can have folks try to guess the baby's birth weight as well, giving you possibly two winners.
  • Tips: You may or may not want to provide them with the estimated due date provided by the doctor, though as many of us know, rarely does the baby emerge into the world exactly as scheduled unless a C-section is involved, which renders this particular game unnecessary.  You can provide a small prize to the winner as an incentive to get everyone playing, perhaps a Starbucks gift card?
  • Supplies: A calendar (preferably large enough for everyone to write on), pens. 2.
2.  Name That Baby: Okay, so you won't actually be naming the baby (unless the parent(s) really fall in love with a particular name suggestion), but it can be fun to see what names everyone can come up with. Take a big piece of paper, tape it to the wall, and have all your shower participants write down their favorite name for the baby.  there is no real winner for this game, but it's fun to see what people come up with. 
  • Tips: If you know the gender of the baby and feel like sharing that info, that could work, but don't let folks know what names you might already be leaning towards.  
  • Supplies: A sheet of poster-sized paper, tape, markers/pens.   
3.  Guess That Baby Food: For this game, buy some jars of strained baby food (approx. 5-10 jars) and have participants guess what the flavors of the various jars are based solely on what they look like, tasting is not allowed! Make sure to remove the labels before starting. Make an answer key for yourself and write a number on the jar lid with a permanent marker to keep track of what people are guessing on. This game can be trickier than it sounds as a lot of baby foods look very similar to each other.
  • Supplies: Jars of baby food, permanent marker, answer key, small prize for the winner if you plan to keep track of the scores (optional).
4.  Baby Bottle Drinking Game: This is an easy one, just fill up some baby bottles with an alcoholic beverage of your choice and give them to the contestants.  On your mark, everyone starts drinking and the first person to finish her/his bottle wins! Note this game is probably not appropriate for the workplace...

5.  How Many Baby Products Can You Name?: Give each player a pen and piece of paper. Their goal will be to think up and write down as many baby-related products (pacifier, crib, cradle) as she/he can in 2 minutes (you can make this longer or shorter if you like). The person who names the most baby-themed items wins. You may need an unbiased third party to judge the answers just in case any of them are questionable.

6.  Don't Say "Baby": Before the shower gets started, give each person a safety pin to wear on her person. Instruct everyone that if anyone catches someone saying the word "baby", the sayer of the word is to give the caller her safety pin. If she has more than one, she only needs to hand over one safety pin for each time she says "baby". The winner of the game is person with the most safety pins at the end of the shower.

7.  Guess The Baby Animal Name: For this game, you will provide participants with a sheet of animals names. The goal of the game is for everyone to guess the baby name version for each animal.

Baby animal name template download link (.pdf format) - 

Baby animal name template download link (.excel format) -
  • Tips: To make things easier, you can have players work in groups on this one.  You also might want to put a time limit on this game, maybe 3-5 minutes.  Also, forbid the use of smart phones on this game.
  • Supplies: Download the baby animal name template here and grab some pens/pencils for folks to complete their sheets with.
  • Answer Key:
  1. Kangaroo - Joey
  2. Grasshopper - Nymph
  3. Goose - Gosling
  4. Alligator - Hatchling
  5. Duck - Duckling
  6. Horse - Foal
  7. Eagle - Eaglet or Fledgling (both are correct)
  8. Cat - Kitten
  9. Deer - Fawn
  10. Pigeon - Squab
  11. Whale - Calf
  12. Fish - Fry or Fingerling (both are correct)
  13. Frog - Tadpole or Polliwog (both are correct)
  14. Butterfly - Caterpillar
  15. Otter - Pup
  16. Swan - Cygnet or Swanling (both are correct)
  17. Boar - Piglet, Shoat or Farrow (all three are correct)
  18. Porcupine - Porcupette
Here's what the printout looks like for this game - 

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  1. Hey, thanks a ton for sharing the seven easy and fun baby shower game ideas. Everything just looks super amazing here and I will be using one of these inspirations for a colleagues’ baby shower that we are planning to host on next weekend at the nearby convention center.