Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grief/Mourning Quotes for a Coworker's Sympathy Card

While using our own words to express our sympathies are often meaningful because they come right from the heart, sometimes it is useful to use the words of someone else to express a certain feeling on the subject of loss.  Here are a few that I'm particularly fond of - 
  • “Memory nourishes the heart, and grief abates.” - Marcel Proust
  • "The dark today leads into light tomorrow; There is no endless joy, and yet no endless sorrow." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • “Earth hath no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.” -Thomas Moore
  • “I will not say, do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.” - J.R.R. Tolkien
  • “Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.” - Dylan Thomas
  • “We all live with our losses. We don't want to, but we can” - Carrie Jones
  • “We carry the dead with us only until we die too, and then it is we who are borne along for a little while, and then our bearers in their turn drop, and so on into the unimaginable generations.” - John Banville
  • “The darker the night, the brighter the stars, the deeper the grief, the closer is God!” - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • “Life Lesson 3: You can't rush grief. It has its own timetable. All you can do is make sure there are lots of soft places around -- beds, pillows, arms, laps.” - Patti Davis
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