Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top Six Best Excuses for Being Late to Work

If you are running late for work and need a a good excuse for not being at work on time, some excuses work better than others. A good excuse should - 
  • be believable.
  • present the situation as something you could not predict or control.
  • be something that requires your immediate attention, hence why you're late.
Here are some good examples:
  1. The key broke off in your door as you were leaving for work. You had to call your landlord and make sure you weren't leaving your house unlocked, that's totally unsafe!
  2. You or your neighbors dog escaped out the front door that morning and you had to help catch it. You couldn't just let your poor dog get hit by a car!
  3. You got stuck behind a train on your drive in to work and it was a long-ass train.
  4. Plumbing problems - Your toilet was backed up and overflowing, you had to get that shut off and mopped up before the water did any property damage.
  5. Your hemorrhoids are acting up and your doctor ordered you to take a long warm soak in a saltwater bath. You should be able to make it in after lunch.
  6. Car trouble or bad traffic are classic excuses because they work, but be careful because it can be easy to accidentally overuse these ones.
Generally, the more embarrassing the excuse you are willing to admit to (like hemorrhoids), the better. No one wants to admit to having the worst diarrhea ever, so if you are willing to admit to something most folks would rather not, it helps make you seem more believable.

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