Monday, December 9, 2013

Coworker/Boss Gift Ideas

Stumped on what to get your coworker or boss for their birthday, Christmas, or some other occasion? You will need to do just a little bit of basic research on the coworker/boss in question in order to find a good gift.
  • Do you know their hobbies, their passions? Is there something you can give the person that both fits your budget and that you can be pretty sure he or she will enjoy? If your boss is into photography, you can't go and buy him a new camera, for example. But if your coworker likes comedy, for example, buy her some tickets to the local comedy club. If your boss is a coffee or tea aficionado, you can probably safely buy him a variety pack of different flavors. Make sure you know a little bit about what you are buying, however, if your boss likes fine wine but you don't know the first thing about buying wine, either get some help from a third party with some knowledge on the subject.
  • Is this coworker passionate about a particular cause or social issue?  Make a small donation to a cause you know he or she will appreciate, such as feeding the hungry or a no-kill animal shelter. Even if she or he doesn't love the gift, they can't show it without looking like a horrible human being that hates charity.
  • Can you make anything? Make them a batch of cookies or brownies.  It doesn't cost too much money but the effort you made will come across and shows that you care.  Anyone can throw money at a problem, but spending your time to make something shows another level of caring.
  • Is this person a complete blank slate of a human being who seems to lack any passion or personality whatsoever? Perhaps the person is very introverted and hard to get to know.  Well, you'll have to go with a safe choice like a gift card.  See if you can get a gift card or certificate for a local restaurant they like to go for lunch.
  • You don't have to spend a ton of money to show that your care.  What's important is to show that you put a little bit of effort and thought into the purchase.
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